Södra Teatern

Södra Teatern (Mosebacke torg 3, Stockholm) — Södra Teatern is Sweden’s foremost international venue for music, theatre & debate. Since 1997, it has staged various international performances. A diversity of events is held here, spanning from club-scene entertainment, to concerts, theatre and even readings to children’s philosophy , to name a few.

The venue is the oldest theatre in Stockholm and is situated in the heart of the city’s bohemian pulse, with breathtaking views over the capital. Although built as a theatre, the main focus today is on music. The venue enjoys a solid reputation not only in Sweden but throughout the world, attracting vibrant locals and leading luminaries alike.
During the summer, the terrazza-style bars it opens up (known as “Terrassen”) attract large crowds of party goers. Even live musical events are held here.